ELC Ukraine Mission

Thanks to all who have contributed towards the Ukrainian Refugee Fund. We would have not been able to do this without you! You are all a part of this work as we continue in cooperation with our partner congregations in Slovakia and Ukraine. Check out our updates for the most resent news. 

The work continues as there are more people coming, with an immediate need of help. There are also those, who now deal with integration into their new “home” and recovery from the trauma they experienced along the way. If you would like to contribute, please click below.

There are currently around 50 refugees being housed long term in Pribelce and Velky Krtis, Slovakia and many more in Uzhhorod, Ukraine. Some refugees are housed in the Lutheran Church Center in Pribelce, some are housed with families, and some are staying in vacant apartments and houses of the church members of both Slovak and Ukrainian churches. All three churches are providing housing, transportation, help with paperwork and legal documents, food, clothing, school items and other necessities needed for daily life.  Our financial support makes many of these efforts possible. 

In addition to helping with these immediate needs, the Slovak churches are providing ways to help the refugee families to connect, network and to get to know each other. They do so through organizing social gatherings and events, and through organizing group day trips to explore and visit different places in Slovakia, a country they call their new home. Our goal is to continue helping with daily costs as well as with the social and networking efforts. We believe such opportunities will help the families to feel welcomed, valued and truly cared for. Social opportunities will help them to stay connected and enable them to provide mutual support for each other. 

This August Pastor Drahus Oslik and his brother Miroslav Oslik will be traveling to Slovakia and Ukraine to visit our partner congregations. While there, they will be helping with continuous humanitarian efforts and refugee ministries. This trip will also enable them to assess the current situation and together with our Ukrainian and Slovakian friends, they will talk about future cooperation and partnership.

Thank you for all your support and everything you’re doing for our Ukrainian brothers and sisters. Slava Ukraini!

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